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Family Smiles Pop It Fidget Music Puzzle Game Kids Light Up Bubble Push Sensory Toy

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Family Smiles Pop It Fidget Music Puzzle Game Kids Light Up Bubble Push Sensory Toy is the perfect choice for both children 3+ and adults to have fun and spend...


Family Smiles Pop It Fidget Music Puzzle Game Kids Light Up Bubble Push Sensory Toy is the perfect choice for both children 3+ and adults to have fun and spend time together.
There are 5 modes: Pass-Through Mode, Memory Mode, Scoring Mode, Multiplayer Mode, and Questioning Mode, which help to train quick reaction, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and memory.

Game Mode 1: Pass-Through Mode
There are 30 levels in total. You have to complete 5 smaller levels before moving on to the next one. As you keep playing, more lights will turn on and you have less time to complete each level. If you don't turn off the light and press the back button before time runs out, your game will fail and go back to where you started. To start playing, press the first light button, then select your level and press the key behind it to enter.
Game Mode 2: Memory Mode
There are 9 levels and you have to finish 5 mini levels before you can move on to the next one. When the game starts, lights will go on and off in a pattern. You have to press buttons according to this pattern. If you press wrong, the game ends and you get no points. Press the second light button to choose a level when not playing a game yet. Then select your level and hit the key behind it to start playing!
Game Mode 3: Scoring Mode
You have one minute to press the mouse control button that matches the lights that show up on the screen. If you press all ten, you need to press a back button to start another round. The more lights you turn off, the higher your score can be (up to 100 points). If you press a button without any light, it means you fail and get no points. You will return to the beginning and wait for another try. To check out your highest score, press the third light button when not playing a game. Note: If you take out the battery, it will erase your highest score.
Game Mode 4: Multiplayer Mode
When the light is on, press the mouse control button. Everyone plays one level and then moves to another level. As you move through levels, more lights will turn on and you will have less time to press the back button before it turns off. If you don't get it done in time, you will lose and have to start over again from the beginning.
Game Mode 5: Questioning Mode
You will be asked random addition and subtraction questions within 10. For example, "3 minus 2 is 1." To answer the question press the key that says 1, then push up the back seat to continue with the next question.

The colorful design, light-up bubbles each adorned with funny emoticons, and light pleasant bubble sound will be sure to delight any child. With only 4 buttons - sound button, power button, switch mode button, and button on the back - this Fidget Music Puzzle Game is simple and user-friendly.
It’s also an ideal way to improve parent-child interaction, promote friendship, and even pass the time when you're bored while traveling.
Kids Light Up Sensory Bubble Toy produces colorful lights and pleasant clapping sounds and is made of safe materials like ABS plastic and silicone, without sharp edges and small parts. It requires 3 1.5V AAA batteries, which are not included. To reset the game you need to push the button on the back.
Toy's dimensions: 4.95 x 2.1 x 3.95 in. Available in two colors: yellow and blue.
Family Smiles Pop It Fidget Music Puzzle Game For Kids is the perfect gift choice for your child on Birthday, Christmas, Back to school, Easter, and New Year's parties.
Get your Pop It Fidget Music Puzzle Sensory Toy now and give your child hours of fun!

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