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Why Sell On Amazon

Where is it better to develop a business – on the Internet or offline? Many entrepreneurs do not see the utility for business, believing that it is more suitable for entertainment. However, business in the network has undeniable advantages. Especially if you sell on one of the biggest marketplaces – Amazon.


 Generally, marketplace is perhaps the best place to start your business. All because there is already what the seller needs – customers who come to buy. And all the necessary conditions for the sale of their goods and services. And all this without significant investment. In this article, I’ll try to convince you that the best way to start selling your products is to sell them on Amazon.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. I want to inform you that you can face some difficulties while working with Amazon. You have to look at all negative before you get involved in it.

Difficulties You Can Face
  • When you’re selling on Amazon you’re playing on someone else’s playground and you’re playing by their rules. And you have to understand that Amazon makes pretty much all the rules directed at the buyer. For example, you can’t put any advertising for your own website or linking to your own business. You have to realize and be prepared. You should definitely don’t be cancelling a  bunch of orders. Don’t be shipping late if you are selling as a merchant and so on. It means if you’re not playing by rules, Amazon can shut you down in any second.
  • It can take a lot of time to figure out legal aspects of starting online business. Like getting LLC put together by a lawyer, get your EIN number, getting your checking account set up or deciding if you’re going to sell under your own name DBA doing business under your own name or being a sole proprietor. To protect yourself you have to think about it very carefully.
  • Amazon has stringent requirements or Terms of service for goods. For instance, the new product on Amazon it is the product in pristine conditions, gift quality, no huge tears on the plastic, no dinged up corners. If you have brand new kids toy and there is a big rip in the plastic on top it’s no longer new. So if you don’t know how to list an item as new, you could get a complaint and eventually get shut down on Amazon.


Advantages of selling on Amazon

But it all proves that Amazon has a huge reputation, which is the first reason why you should decide to sell on Amazon. Many people love to shop on Amazon because it is honest. No matter what, Amazon wants to protect their buyers, and they can feel safe shopping there.

The second reason is that your product will be easier to find and buy on Amazon. We all know the tens of millions of people come to Amazon to buy products they’re looking for. It’s easy for customers to find your products and you can also benefit from Amazon’s one-click purchase which they the patent for and they’ve also licensed it to Apple so you can just go on, find it, click it and buy it. So it makes the customers buying experience effortless.

The third reason is that Amazon marketplaces are always optimized. We know that things a changing very fast, websites quite a debt from one day to the other, they optimized for the latest mobile devices but once you’re selling on Amazon they take care of all that, they also take care of all the fraud protection which also changes on a daily basis and each year will be more important for you as a seller and also for your customers as buyers.

The fourth and the most substantial reason, in my opinion, is that impossible for the average person to get a product onto the shelves at a big retailer without spending a lot of money (or having some serious connections). If you sell on Amazon you can succeed with putting even $500 toward your business.

You have just read about reasons why selling on Amazon but you will never know for sure if you don’t try. I hope this article will be very useful to you. Just start and then you will realize that it’s totally worth it.