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Everything You Need To Know About ‘How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners’

During our work at Back to the Future Products, we often face with the question: ‘How can I start selling on Amazon?’, so we decided to dedicate this article to explain how to sell on Amazon for beginners and help you understand how to make money selling online.

Short Overview for Beginners

The first thing we prefer to start with is the short overview of how selling on Amazon works. As you probably know, Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the whole world, and of course, anyone can sell their products they have on Amazon. For some small fees, like a monthly fee of $39.99 plus commission fees that you pay for the marketplace, your items can be displayed to millions of other customers. So when you have the product for sale on Amazon it looks like this:


There are a few very important things in this screenshot:

  1. The underlined name is for ‘3rd Party Seller’ on Amazon. It means if you start selling you`ll also be classified as a 3rd party seller. They are also known as  ‘Buy Box’. This means when a buyer clicks the ‘add to cart’ it will be this sellers item that is added to the cart to purchase. In this case, the seller in the Buy Box is BTTF Products. The seller that is in the buy box has their listing ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’. This means that Amazon will handle picking and packing, as well as shipping this item to the customer. We also must mention that this fulfillment method is a key to maximizing your results on Amazon as they provide benefits for Prime Members like receiving products within 2 days. Using FBA as your fulfillment method can be one of the best things you can implement to generate sales when selling on Amazon. This is because not only they can do all the Pick and Pack, Shipping, but they provide all customer service to those customers.
  2. On the right-hand side, you can see that there is a section with ‘Other Sellers on Amazon’.  This section also displays 3rd party sellers on Amazon, however, these sellers aren’t in the ‘buy box’. It’s important to note that getting the ‘buy box’ is a key point of becoming a successful seller on Amazon. To win the ‘Buy Box’ you need to control the next factors:
  • Prices
  • Fulfillment method – FBA or FBM
  • Feedback rating – Store rating
amazon beginners money online consulting services bttf fba


The Most Important First Steps to Start Selling on Amazon

  1. To Start – You need to create an account on Amazon Seller Central and learn more information about how to set up your account. After that, you need to add payment information and some data about shipping rates
  2. Getting Paid and Fees – Becoming a seller you need to know how to track statements and check payment information
  3. Adding Products – Learn how to add items, manage your inventory, creating listings (simple or with variations)
  4. Shipping – Find your costs so you know all your shipment costs, import and export, Direct to Customer shipping
  5. Sponsored products and promotions on Amazon – You also need to understand how to manage and promote your listings and create sponsored campaigns to reach new the millions of customers looking for your product
  6. Restrictions – Of course, Amazon has its own rules, and you should know which categories require approval to sell at this marketplace.
  7. FBA – Understand using FBA aka Fulfillment by Amazon and why it is necessary
  8. Performance and Selling Coach – For the first time, you might need help from the more experienced person, who can fit your particular business needs. We also can recommend you a high-level expert who can provide Amazon consulting services. If you have questions about Amazon, how to make money on Amazon, or doubts about selling on Amazon, you can send us a message on and our experienced consultants will help provide you answers.
amazon beginners money online consulting services bttf fba

My goal with this article is to show you the full process of selling on Amazon in brief. After reading this ‘How to Sell On Amazon For Beginners’ I believe you will have enough information to make the decision to become a seller and give you knowledge on how to sell on Amazon.